Ceske Budejovice

České Budějovice (also known as Budweis) is located in South Bohemia, in the Czech Republic. The town has since grown into the metropolitan centre. It is the largest town in South Bohemia region and it has got approximately 93,500 inhabitants.

History: The city was founded in 1256 by King Ottokar II of Bohemia, who granted its municipal charter in 1265. The settlers were coming from the Bohemian Forest and Upper Austria.The royal city was created as a platform of the king's power in South Bohemia and to counterbalance the powerful noble House of Rosenberg, which became extinct in 1611. In 1762 the Piarists established a high school here and Emperor Joseph II founded the diocese in 1785. In 1847, the production of Koh-i-Noor Hardtmuth pencils was relocated from Vienna to Budějovice. During the Second World War in March 1945, Budějovice was twice targeted by U.S. Air Force raids that greatly damaged the city and caused great loss of life. At the end of the war, on 9 May 1945, Soviet troops liberated the city. On the following day, the Red Army and the American Army met on the main square in a joint celebration of the city's liberation.

What to see:

Přemysl Otakar II Square (Czech: Naměstí Přemysla Otakara II), the immense square in the middle of the town. Historical landmarks here include St. Nicholas Cathedral, the Black Tower, Samson's Fountain and the distinct yellow-colored Vcela Palace.

The Town Hall with three towers, originally a renaissance construction from 1555. Today an elegant Baroque building from 1727-1730 built by A. E. Martinelli. It is decorated by Dietrich’s statues allegories of Justice, Courage, Wisdom and Caution and symbols of the Town and Bohemia.

St. Nicholas Cathedral, originally a gothic building from the 13th century. However, it burned down in the 17th century and today’s appearance is Baroque. There are three statues at the frontage – St. Wenceslas, St. Nicholas and St. Auratian. The interior of the church is very simple. The most important part is the main altar from the 18th century.

Next to the cathedral there is main dominant of České Budějovice, the Black Tower, it is 72 metres high. The renaissance tower was completed in 1577 and there are six bells in the tower, the largest of which is called Bumerin. Season 1st April - 31st October
The Erratic Boulder is not far from the Samson’s fountain, marked with a cross. In the past, there was an execution scaffold here, and to this days legend says that anybody who crosses the Erratic Boulder after ten p.m. will not find his way home and will wander the city until the morning.

The Samson's fountain - In the middle of the Square there is one of the symbol of the town, the Baroque Samson’s Fountain. It was created in the years 1721-1726 by Zachariáš Horn and the statues were created by Josef Dietrich. On the top we can see the statue of biblical hero Samson.

The Remains of the fortification, you will find them on the embankment of the Malše river. The Iron Maiden and Rabenštejnská Tower, parts of the old fortifications and the last remaining part of the fortifications of the middle-age Budějovice. The Iron Maiden dating back to the 14th century. It is named after the instrument of torture, which was located inside.

What to do:

Museum of the Horse-drawn Railway, outside the historical centre, to the South of it in the Mánesova street, there is the Museum of the Horse-drawn Railway. Museum there is in the horse railway station. It is the first Railway station in continental Europe. The exposition of the Horse Railway is open from May to September. Open daily except Mondays.

Exposition of historical motorcycles, one of the largest exhibits of historical motorcycles in the Czech Republic accessible to the public. There are over ninety motorcycles, many of them unique. The museum is housed in the premises of Malá Solnice on the Piaristické Square, in the historical centre of the old Town.Season 1st April - 31st October Daily from 10.00 to 18.00 hrs.

The South Bohemian Museum from the turn of the 19th century. It has a rich collection relating to the history and nature of South Bohemia. Natural history collections of primaeval South Bohemia, history of the Middle Ages, and Arts of the 17th and 18th century.

Aleš South-Bohemian Gallery belongs to the five largest institutions of its kind in the Czech Republic. A pernament exhibition South Bohemian Gothic paintings on wood and sculpture 13th – 16th century. Flemish and Dutch paintings of the 17th century. Part of the exhibits are housed in Wortner House in České Budějovice, U Černé věže 22 street.

Budweiser brewery - Budějovický Budvar

Budweis has been well known very long for the beer brewed there since the 13th century. For a time, the town was the imperial brewery for the Holy Roman Emperor, and Budweiser Bier (i.e. beer from Budweis) became, along with Pilsner from Plzeň, one of the best-known lagers. Brewing remains a major industry. In 1256 the Svitavy brewery was founded there, which was closed in 2002.

The largest brewery, founded in 1895, is "Pivovar Budějovický Budvar" (Budweiser Budvar Brewery) which has legal rights to market its beer under the "Budweiser" brand name in much of Europe. The same product is also sold elsewhere under the names "Budvar" and "Czechvar" due to legal disagreements with Anheuser-Busch over the Budweiser brand. The American lager was originally brewed as an imitation of the famous Bohemian original, but over time has developed its own identity and attained remarkable commercial success. Anheuser-Busch has made offers to buy out the Czech brewing company in order to secure global rights to the name "Budweiser", but the Czech government has refused all such offers, regarding the Czech Budweiser name as a matter of national pride.

The oldest (founded in 1795) and second largest brewery was renamed to "Pivovar Samson", replacing its original German name "Budweiser Bürgerbräu" during the communist period. It also exported, mostly under the "Samson" and "Crystal" labels. Recently, they reacquired naming rights for Budweiser for Europe while offering "B. B. Bürgerbräu" in the US since 2005.

Czech Republic - Ceske Budejovice
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Czech Republic - Ceske Budejovice
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Czech Republic - Ceske Budejovice
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Czech Republic - Ceske Budejovice
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