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We will take care of you (we are experienced in treating):

Locomotive system disorders: Vertebrogenous syndrome (backaches), degenerative illnesses of locomotive system (spine and large joints), osteoporosis, conditions post orthopaedic surgery (with a joint/hip replacement).

Kidney and urinary tract diseases: Chronic infl ammation, kidney and urinary stones after surgery or breaking-up with impulse wave, conditions after kidney and urinary tract surgery, prostate gland disorders (inflammations, conditions post surgery).

Respiratory tract illnesses: Chronic infl ammations, bronchial asthma, allergic colds, conditions post surgery of upper and lower respiratory tract.

Metabolic disorders: Obesity, gout, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipoproteinemia.

Gynaecologic illnesses including infertility therapy: Inflammatory illnesses of outer and inner female genitals, conditions after gynaecologic surgery, sterility and infertility, climacteric syndrom, urgent and stress urinary incontinence.

Illnesses of circulatory system: Condition after myocardial infartion, hypertension of II. up III. level, dysfunction of periphery blood vessels and conditions after thrombosis, thrombosis, ischaemic heart disease, ischaemic diseases of lower limbs and potency disorders.

Oncological diseases: Rehabilitation of patients after finishing oncological treatment of breasts, genitals or other oncological diseases except malignant blood diseases.

Digestive system illnesses: Chronic and palindromic illnesses of the stomach and intestines, conditions after stomach, duodenum, oesophagus and intestine surgery, Crohn´s disease, chronic diseases of gall bladder and biliary tract, functional disorders of the biliary

Nervous system diseases: Root syndromes, Parkinson´s disease.

Natural Medicinal Sources

1) Mineral Springs:

The Cross Spring (Křížový pramen) - In view of its therapeutic effects, this spring is primarily used for the treatment of disorders of the digestive tract (stomach complaints, intestines disorders, gall bladder complaints, and liver and pancreas disorders), metabolic disorders (obesity, gout, diabetes mellitus) and allergies related to digestion disorders. The sulphate content in the water has a laxative effect.

The Ferdinand Spring (Ferdinandův pramen) - consists of seven individual springs, of which the spring Ferdinand I is accessible for drinking. Its composition is very similar to the Cross Spring; but the mineral content is somewhat higher. The Ferdinand Springs is bottled and served as table water under the brand name of Excelsior.

The Forest Spring (Lesní pramen) - is used as medicinal drinking water to cure disorders of the gastro-intestinal tract, and it is also used for inhalation to cure disorders of the upper respiratory tract. In addition, it is suitable for curing certain types of urological disorders, such as uric-acid stones, since the water strongly alkalises the acid.

The Rudolph Spring (Rudolfův pramen) - Due to its diuretic eff ect, it is used to treat kidney complaints and disorders of the urinary tract. The spring has a very high level of calcium (the ratio of calcium and magnesium being 5:4). Therefore, the mineral drinking water is recommended as a supplementary therapy in the treatment of osteoporosis. Its distinctive anti-infl ammatory eff ects make it useful in treating urethritis.

The Ambrose Spring (Ambrožův pramen) - consists of three individual springs, all of which have very similar chemical compositions. The waters are ferrous acidulous and have a low mineral content. Due to their high ferric content, they are used to cure certain forms of anaemia and its diuretic eff ects make it useful in treating some urinary tract disorders, lithiasis in particular.

The Caroline Spring (Karolinin pramen) - due to its higher content of magnesium (the ratio of calcium and magnesium content being 2:5), the Caroline Spring water is used for treatment of urological complaints and kidney stones. The magnesium contained in the water prevents the formation of these concrements.

2) Natural medicinal gas CO2

The Marie Spring (Mariin pramen) - is actually a powerful gas seepage (99.7% natural CO2). The natural medicinal gas is applied in the form of dry carbon gas baths. This spa treatment is becoming more and more popular since guests not only show lower blood pressure, an improvement of heart activity and improved blood circulation in the lower extremities, but also a significant improvement of sexual activities. In addition, this natural medicinal gas is also applied in the form of hypodermic applications as a part of the treatment of joint disorders, spine problems and heart ischaemia.

3) Peloids - peat, mud

Peloids are inorganic and organic pottages, which are, after certain modification and heating, used for compresses and wraps. They are made of peat and other mud, which can be found around springs. The material is stocked in piles, where it oxidises in a certain way. Then it is modifi ed and mixed with mineral water and steamed. It is used for 20 – 30 minutes once it reaches the temperature 40° C. Peat wraps are used for treating locomotive system disorders, gynaecologic complaints and respiratory system disorders. Special additional treatment is off ered in the form of peat vaginal tampons, which are used for curing chronic gynaecologic inflammations and sterility in women.

Popis ubytování

The opulent building Grandhotel Pacifik is at the end of the impressive architectonic axis of Mariánské Lázně and is a wonderful landmark of the Main Street with spectacular views of the spa colonnade and the Singing Fountain. The hotel boasts its own mineral spring, which is diverted here from the nearby Forest spring pavilion.


Health Spa: Medical surgeries and spa department are situated in the hotel, complete spa care, spa treatments using natural medicinal sources – mineral baths, peat packs, natural dry carbon gas baths, CO2 natural gas injections, water treatment and a wide range of further spa treatments. Hotel’s own mineral spring for mineral baths and mineral water drinking cures – Lesní (Forest) spring.

Wellness & Beauty: Swimming pool with whirling currents, 2 saunas, sanarium, fitness room. Extra charge: Baths, massages, sand light therapy, power plate, hairdresser’s, cosmetics - laser centre.

Gastronomy: The restaurant Primavera with an aquarium and a beautiful view of the spa centre, specialties from Czech and international cuisine, dietary meals, healthy food corner. Breakfast and evening meals in the form of an abundant buff et, lunches are served, salad bar. Restaurant Primavera, lobby bar, summer terrace, Captain James Cook’s lounge.

Superior rooms: bathtub or shower, TV, telephone, Wifi Internet, minibar, safe, hairdryer, bathrobe. View overlooking a side street.

Superior plus (on request): bathtub or shower, TV, telephone, Wifi Internet, minibar, safe, hairdryer, bathrobe. View of the spa park and the colonnade.

Suite (on request): bathtub, TV, telephone, Wifi Internet, minibar, safe, hairdryer, bathrobe, terry slippers. Suite has a separate lounge and bedroom. 

Apartment (on request): bathtub, TV, telephone, Wifi Internet, minibar, safe, hairdryer, bathrobe, terry slippers. Apartment has a separate lounge and bedroom, kitchen corner and balcony. View of the spa park and the colonnade.

Please note:

  • single supplement is valid only for single superior and single superior plus. The supplement for single use of other type of rooms is on request! 
  • The Christmas and New Year´s Eve stays can be booked only with half-board or full-board.
  • on 24.12.2020 will be charged obligatory supplement for 30 € per person for Festive Christmas program (festive Christmas menu with music, small present)
  • on 31.12.2020 will be charged obligatory supplement for 100 € per person for Festive New Year´s  Eve program (New Year´s Eve celebration evening meal, appetizing banquet, spectacular New Year´s Eve gala program)

Cena obsahuje

The stay includes accommodation, welcome drink, breakfast in a buffet form.

Cena neobsahuje

Spa tax: 15 CZK per person and per night

Tento zájezd pořádá QUICKTOUR s.r.o. (IČO: 28115244)

Mariánské lázně (Marienbad) - Grandhotel Pacifik
Mariánské lázně (Marienbad) - Grandhotel Pacifik
Mariánské lázně (Marienbad) - Grandhotel Pacifik
Mariánské lázně (Marienbad) - Grandhotel Pacifik
Mariánské lázně (Marienbad) - Grandhotel Pacifik
Mariánské lázně (Marienbad) - Grandhotel Pacifik
Mariánské lázně (Marienbad) - Grandhotel Pacifik
Mariánské lázně (Marienbad) - Grandhotel Pacifik
Mariánské lázně (Marienbad) - Grandhotel Pacifik
Mariánské lázně (Marienbad) - Grandhotel Pacifik
Mariánské lázně (Marienbad) - Grandhotel Pacifik
Mariánské lázně (Marienbad) - Grandhotel Pacifik
Mariánské lázně (Marienbad) - Grandhotel Pacifik
Mariánské lázně (Marienbad)
Mariánské lázně (Marienbad)
Mariánské lázně (Marienbad)
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